• 3 Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

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    What you may not know is that after you win the lottery, you can get your winnings in one of two ways. You can get a lottery annuity settlement, which pays out the fortune in yearly lottery payments for decades, or you can get a lottery lump sum payout, which pays out the entire sum right then and there.

    What you may already know is that it doesn’t matter whether some people get an annuity or a lump sum, because they just wind up blowing it all away really, really quickly. Here are just a few of those sort of folks.

    Consider Willie Hurt. – Willie Hurt won $3.1 million from the Michigan lottery in 1989. In just two years’ time, he’d been divorced, lost custody of his kids, been Continue Reading

  • 3 Reasons That Commercial Coin Counting Machines Are Vital for Retail Businesses

    What is a cash recycler

    It’s the end of the day, and you’re closing up the cash register at your store. Assuming your business is booming, you have a lot of cash in front of you, and that can take long after closing time to tally up. However, there are other options besides sitting and counting out change and cash by hand, like using commercial coin counting machines for your business.

    How can commercial coin counting machines help your retail business? Here are three reasons that show just how vital they are for all types of commerce.

    1. Cash counters save time and reduce human error. Counting down cash at the end of the day usually isn’t a quick process for retail businesses and other companies that see high volumes of cash transactions. Oftentimes, workers have to count the money two or thre Continue Reading
  • How Can The Stock Market Be Your Money Maker? Find Out, Here

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    America is a nation built on credit. Historically, the United States is famous for creating business opportunities and ventures, based on nothing more than agreements and trust. Nowadays, this exchange of expectation is a part of our everyday lives, such as the daily perks offered by shareholder services, pertaining to private stocks and bonds, as well as issuer services, pertaining to property deals and investment accounts.

    Without a doubt, America is a place where the money market never sleeps. In fact, for those who enjoy trading stocks into the night, the foreign exchange center remains open 24 hours, during the week. Indeed, if you find yourself unable to trade throughout regular market hours, the forex is an alternative exchange network that is open and readily available.

    Although so Continue Reading