• Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Secured Lending

    Real estate investment lenders

    During the 1840s and 1850s, men flooded to California to find their wealth in gold mining. Many men struck gold and became millionaires overnight throughout the California gold rush. Eventually though, all good things must come to an end. By the end of the 1850s, there wasn’t much gold left to find, and we went on to look for new ways to make ourselves wealthy.

    Today’s version of the California gold rush is commercial real estate investing. If you can get your name on the deed to a piece of commercial real estate, you can renovate it and make big bucks when you resale it, or create a steady income for yourself by leasing it. Or you can lease it for a while, and then sell it for an exponential amount above and beyond what you bought if for and win, win, win!

    We know what you’re Continue Reading

  • 8 Reasons to Look into Business Valuation Resources

    Business valuation florida

    Often, business owners don’t know the true value of their company. This of course can solve problems such as the owner under appreciating the worth of his or her company or, worse, failing to sell it for more than its worth.

    This is why it is very important to look up business valuation resources. This is so that when the time comes you know how much your business is really worth. Plus, you want to have this valuation done before it becomes necessary to have the results. Here are 8 scenarios when that might occur.

    1. A Death in the Upper Branch
      What would happen if the owner or a shareholder were to die? Those who are left may be left to pickup the business after this tragic passing away. If the family were to have that business valuation they could have Continue Reading
  • Small Business Valuation and Market Approach

    Business valuation and analysis

    Are you interested in knowing more about small business valuations? In order to understand this detailed process, it’s important to understand the concept of a valuation market approach.

    Experts consider business valuation as an exercise in economic analysis. A business valuation firm, for example, will work with a company’s financial information as part of this process. The end result will be a business valuation report that is based on the analysis of this information.

    When small business valuation services are provided, two types of financial statements are need Continue Reading

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