• Three Business Valuation Approaches

    Calculating my business worth

    “What is my business worth?”

    There are a lot of reasons you are scratching your head and asking “What is my business worth?” Maybe you’re getting out of the biz but plan to sell your operation to someone else who will continue to run it. You’d need to know what its earning power is to create a legitimate price tag for it.

    You could be wondering, “What is my business worth?” because you’re contemplating liquidating your business and need to know if your assets could pay off your debtors. In this case, the earning power of your business really doesn’t matter, so even though you’d still use a small Continue Reading

  • Advantages of Using a Third Party Payroll Processer

    Choosing a peo in canada

    We are in the middle of tax season crunch time. This is the time that many tax payers and business professionals struggle to get their tax documents and information together. It is the time that tax professionals receive an increase in phone inquiries, tax payers needing assistance in filing tricky taxes. Taxes are a very complex system, which is why tax professionals spend many hours and trainings to learn them. Businesses with a lot of employees should consider contracting a tax professional for a few important reasons.

    Time saver

    There is a lot involved in the correct filing of taxes, especially as a business. If you choose to complete your own taxes, you are likely to spend many hours calculating, evaluating, and filing. This is valuable time that could be spent on improving Continue Reading