• IPO Companies How They Can Help Solidify That Initial Public Offering

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    IPOs — or initial public offerings — are the moment when things change for a privately held business forever, taking it from private to public, and really making or breaking its future.

    An IPO represents the moment when a company goes public, selling shares to institutional investors who will in turn sell shares to the general public. It’s easy to find IPO news on a global scale. The fact is that if an IPO goes very well, a company can have a bright future, with far more funding than it would have otherwise. If it doesn’t go so well, a company can fail entirely in a matter of months. Because for better or for worse, IPO news is often seen as a judgement on the health of a company.

    Unfortunately, many businesses that could go public don’t, never reaching the level t Continue Reading

  • 5 Things to Know Before You Invest in Commercial Property

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    For those who wish to increase their incomes, property investing is a great opportunity. However, residential and commercial property investing are very different. If you’re interested in diversifying your portfolio, here are some commercial real estate investing basics you should know:

    1. Commercial real estate is valued differently than residential. The square footage of a commercial building directly correlates to the amount of income it produces. Evaluating the price of a commercial lease is dependent on both usable and rentable spaces. Usable space includes the tenants’ office space, storage, private restrooms, etc. In other words, any space a business occupies and uses for business. Rentable space includes hallways, stairways, lobbies, or other shared spaces within t Continue Reading
  • Understanding the Small Business Valuation Model

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    Many small business owners do not know how to value their company or what equations can reasonably be used to determine the valuation of a company. Not understanding the small business valuation model puts small business owners at a disadvantage when seeking out investors or bank loans. They may go into meetings unprepared or prepared with inaccurate information, which will make them look like they don?t know what they are talking about.

    As a banker, working for a bank that works with small business owners, it is important to understand the small business valuation model and how to explain it to the small business owners that come to the bank for help.

    The problem with the banker knowing and understanding is that Continue Reading