• The Economic State of the Nation Why Americans are Getting Poorer

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    Some say that money is the root of all evil; realists on the other hand tend to agree that it is not money but the lack of money that sits at the heart of evil. The difference in wealth is a consequence of our capitalistic society and always has been a major topic of interest for our nation. As the wealthy only seem to get richer, the average American seems to be plagued more and more by high-interest loans, crippling debt, and financial hardships.

    The Average American Household

    Our nation is one that is founded on the very idea of consumption; a strong economy is one where there is an excess of spending — unfortunately the average American household has a tendency to spend more money than it is capable of making. The average consumer has over three credit cards and Continue Reading

  • Five Reasons Your Business Valuation is Wrong

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    Determining accurate small business valuations is important for getting a fair price when you sell your company, or when you are trying to attract investors who give you capitol in exchange for a certain amount of equity in your business. However, the process of calculating small business valuations is not a hard and fast science, there are a lot of assumptions in the process that impact the end result. If you are looking at small business valuations calculated for your company (or one that you are considering investing in or acquiring) and they do not seem to add up to you, a wrong turn could have been taken in the process of calculating it. Here are a few common mistakes that create in Continue Reading

  • You Should be Cashing in Your Annuity Why?

    Getting out of debt

    Did you know that the average adult owes nearly $4,000 to lenders? There are a lot of reasons you may want to get cash for an annuity. And debt is probably at the top of your list.

    The struggle to decide on cashing in is not a light one. By cashing in, you will lose a portion of your money — in most cases it will be about 10%. Although you?ll still be getting the large percentage, this can be a tough number for many people to swallow. However, by not taking the money now and getting out of debt, you?re setting yourself up for a lot of future problems. Let?s review.

    Student Loans

    Many people have upwards of $10,000 in student loans; those who have gone on to graduate school may have more than $20,000. These loans can be fairly crippling and can prevent young adults (and olde Continue Reading

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