• Answers to Common Questions About Annuities

    Sell pension annuity

    Financial matters are notoriously confusing. If you’re considering buying an annuity, you already have one, or you’ve acquired one through transference, you probably have a few questions about them. Here are some answers to the most common questions:

    What are annuities?
    Annuities are basically an insurance product than can later serve as a source of income. The reason people typically buy annuities is to help fund their retirements so that they can live comfortably and stop working at an earlier age. There are two main types: immediate and deferred, which are exactly what they sound like. You can start receiving income right away from an immediate one, but you can’t until a later time with a deferred one. There are also two other options for annuities: fixed and variable.

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  • Outsourcing Payroll Management Saves Time and Energy for Small Business Owners

    Payroll for small companies

    Payroll management can be one of the most difficult responsibilities a small business owner faces. Payroll for small companies often proves to be surprisingly complicated, especially for people with little to no experience with financial record-keeping. Unfortunately, payroll management is also one of the most important tasks, and the consequences of neglecting it or breezing through it can be very serious and very costly.

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