• The Top Five Services a Financial Advisor Can Help You With

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    More and more people are realizing the advantages of hiring a certified financial advisor, and with good reason. Currently, about 25% of American households work with a certified financial planner on their finances — and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the financial advisement sector is predicted to grow by 27% by 2022.

    You might not know about the kinds of services that a financial advisor can offer their clients — so here’s this list to give you a brief introduction.

    Here are five of the many services a certified financial advisor can offer you:

    1. Assist with tax planning: Filling out your tax information each year can be difficult if you’re doing it by yourself. And if you make an error on your tax forms, you run the risk of being subject to costly fees. A certified financial advisor will assist you through tax season and make sure you complete your forms correctly.

    2. Create an individualized financial planning approach: Making short and long-term financial goals for your finances with a certified financial advisor is a great way to work toward things like buying a house or car, or simply paying off your debts.

    3. Help you become a smarter investor: Did you know that about 52% of Americans have invested in the stock market? Knowing the right stocks in which you should invest is something a certified investment or certified financial advisor can help you with.

    4. Guide your retirement savings: Have you started saving for your retirement yet? If not, you’re in the majority of Americans, but you should start saving as soon as possible. A certified financial advisor can help you set up a retirement fund to help you build up enough savings to have a comfortable retirement.

    5. Wealth transfer and management: In addition to guiding investments, wealth managers and certified financial advisors actively participate in their clients’ asset allocation and retirement planning activities. You can be confident your financial advisor will help you manage your wealth successfully. To see more, read this.

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