• Interview with IRACheckBook.com

    IRAcheckbook.com, an offering of Hold Fast Asset Protection, is a Self-Directed Facilitator company, helping clients create Self-Directed IRAs. We had a chance to sit down with Kip Bowman, the company’s president, to talk about the process of starting such an essential business.

    Mr. Bowman, what exactly does IRAcheckbook.com do?

    We are a Self-Directed Facilitator. But before that we are educators of sorts. We have found a great tool for people to gain greater access to their own money while preserving the benefits of the Individual Retirement Arrangement plans (IRAs) as approved by the IRS. We provide everything need to create a Self-Directed IRA. Although it’s not for everyone, the self-directed IRA has been around since 1974. In the past few years they have really become a very good way to help diversify a portfolio and gain greater flexibility.

    That sounds like a very specialized area of business. What made you decide to enter this particular field?

    As a former military and commercial pilot, I found that the self-directed option was a great vehicle for my own retirement plan. I am involved in commercial and residential real estate and it provided tremendous benefits on tax deferred of tax free funds. I was stunned at the fact that this idea was so underserved and developed a passion to educate my friends about the self-directed IRA option.

    Deciding to tell your friends and deciding to open your own business are two very different steps. What made you decide to turn your passion into a company?

    From there people were asking me how to get started and also asked me to review and help their attorney or CPA with the process. That’s when I had my “light bulb” moment and assembled the best industry professionals and became a self-directed facilitator. Fast forward to today and we are highly ranked as a national Facilitator. I love what I do and what my “one stop” services do for the many people we help every day.

    IRAcheckbook.com makes its home in Charleston, SC. For more information, view the company website at www.IRAcheckbook.com or call 800-530-8522


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