• Is Your Currency Counting Process at Work Efficient and Accurate?

    Cash management systems

    So much money to count, so little time to count it!
    This may not be the case for every large and small business owner, but it is true that counting money at the end of a work shift or the end of a work day can be very consuming. Even businesses that do not have large amounts of cash to count at the end of the day can still find the ways to save the time that is needed to count coins, bills, and personal checks. With the use of cash recycler machines and other kinds of cash management solutions, business owners can use their time to work with customers and employees instead of counting and recounting monies.
    While companies while continue to use coin bags and other methods when it comes to deposits. The items that fill those coin bags can be accurately counted by a machine, instead of the timely human process of counting and recounting coins to insure accuracy. The decision to use currency counter machines not only increases accuracy, they also eliminate the temptation for theft since monies are immediately safely stored away until they are deposited.
    Does Your Company Use a Machine to Detect Counterfeit Money?
    No business, of any size, can afford to lose profits to counterfeit bills. With the implementation of counterfeit detection machines, however, businesses can make sure that they do not lose profits to accepting counterfeit bills. Consider these facts about the reasons that many businesses implement automated cash management systems:

    • Currency counters allow for cash deposits without envelopes in some modern automated teller machines, because these machines can identify which bills have been inserted in addition to counting how many.
    • A serious problem since the 19th century when banks issued their own currency, the counterfeiting of money is one of the oldest crimes in history.
    • First introduced in Great Britain in 1980, fully electronic counters are able to count batches of notes or of coins without having to individually process them.
    • Check Scanners allow business owners to scan and electronically deposit checks throughout the day, instead of waiting for the end of the work day.
    • Counting notes and bills by hand is time consuming because it is usually carried out two or three times to make sure the numbers are correct. Human error is difficult to avoid when employees are hand counting coins and bills.
    • Cash counting machines allow businesses to maintain 100% accuracy for cash transactions.

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