• Hiring Right the First Time 3 Steps to Catching the Right Financial Candidate

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    When done right, an executive search is a true art form. Finding a candidate with the right skills, background and personality to lead a company or nonprofit is a tall order. With chief executive officers and other high-level employees spending more than 60% of their time in meetings, there isn’t much time on-boarding.Candidates are expected to hit the ground running. So how do you find a candidate that can fit in well? Follow these three tips and you should have a great start.
    Work with a recruiter
    If you are an recruiter, you already know this! If you aren’t, surely you can understand the importance of using a recruiter when seeking to fill business finance careers, particular roles like chief operating officer, chief financial officer or corporate controller. Most senior executive Continue Reading

  • Managing Your Money Consider Getting a Financial Planner

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    There is no shame in not knowing exactly how to manage all of the money you work so hard for. Are you a teacher? Electrician? Social Worker? Your realm of knowledge is far from the realm of financial risk knowledge and that’s okay. Financial Planners aid individuals in structuring their budgets so that they have money to fall back on in the case of an emergency. But planning not just for an emergency, but also for success is important.
    If you have considered a financial planner, you might go one step further and think about a financial adviser. While planners help protect you from emergencies, advisers proactively prepare you for financial success! Retirement, after all, is not an emergency and financial planners can only do so much in regards to helping you get to a comfort Continue Reading

  • How Enrolling in a Debt Management Plan Can Help You Regain Control of Your Finances

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    Like many other American consumers, you may find yourself burdened by crushing student loan, medical or credit card debt and in search of debt help in order to better manage your finances. As such, it’s important to seek expert financial and debt advice at any number of reputable debt management companies and debt relief centers. These agencies offer flexible debt relief solutions for every financial situation that can help you regain control of your finances and plan for your future.

    Debt isn’t always the result of financial irresponsibility. In fact, many American consumers found themselves in debt after the Great Recession of 2008, which resulted in the collapse Continue Reading