• How Do Bail Bonds Work?

    What are bail bonds

    Everybody has heard about people getting arrested and charged with a crime, and often being released after paying a certain amount of bail or bond. Unless you have experience with being released from jail on bond, would you be able to explain how bail bonds work if you were asked?

    The bail bonds process was created in San Francisco by Peter McDonough and Tom McDonough in 1898. If you want to know how bail bonds work, it is rather simple. After the court sets the amount of bail, the person who has been charged with a crime may be released if some one puts up cash on a certain percentage of the bail amount. Of course, the court also sets the amount of bond, as well.

    As an example of how bail bonds work, consider this scenario. A inebriated person leaves a Miami nightclub at three in the morning, and begins Continue Reading